I. Relay for Life
A. We finally have our date for Relay!  Mark down March 26-27, 2011 on your calendars! 
B. CAC and Relay have now officially merged
C. The first Relay for Life Committee Meeting is November 16th, 2010 at 8am in the Napoli Room in Gosman
D. Be sure to visit the Relay website and sign-up a team now!  www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity

II. Award Presentation
A. Michelle and Hannah went to a Relay For Life Summit Event
1. At the event, they were presented with an award for our school
2. We were given the Leader of Hope Award
a. In order to get this award, we need to participate in Conference Calls throughout the course of a school year
b. The Conference Calls are a chance to hear information on various subjects, as led by the American Cancer Society and with numerous schools involved and ready to share ideas
B. We do want to uphold this award, and will be holding various Conference Calls throughout this year as well, which we will give you more information on in the coming meetings

III. T-Shirts
A. Our t-shirts which say, Save The Boobs, have finally arrived!
B. We will be selling some when we table on November 1st and November 5th in Lower Usdan, from 11am-2pm
C. They are $15 each
D. We will also be selling some at our Coffeehouse

IV. Coffeehouse
A. Our Coffeehouse is November 4th
B. The line-up is complete!
C. We will have prizes to give out throughout the night with a raffle, and during our trivia portion of the evening
D. We will also have Relay for Life paraphernalia as prizes and to sell as well
E. Still, we will try to have baked goods for sale
1. If you would like to donate a baked good, or make some boob cookies, we'd really appreciate it
E. Since we will be selling goods during the event, we will be having people table on a rotating schedule
F. We will also need to start advertising for the event, so please make sure to put up your fliers and tell all of your friends!

V. Brandeis Records Concert with CAC
A. Brandeis Records is a music group on campus that holds benefit concerts
B. On November 5th, we will work alongside this group and split the donations from the event between our two groups
C. The concert is from 9pm-12am
D. This will be our first official Relay for Life fundraiser!

VI. Hope Lodge
A. We will be visiting Hope Lodge on November 15th, from 6:30-9pm
B. Various activities that we brainstormed for the event are: manicures for the girls, various board games (Apples to Apples, Banana Grams, Catch Phrase), cards, an arts and crafts project (perhaps making bracelets with beads or a winter themed craft)

VII. Great American Smoke Out
A. This is an event that the American Cancer Society created to help smokers around the country make the resolution to quit smoking.  Since it is an event that takes place in various states all over, it shows smokers that they have support and people who care that they quit.
B. GASO will take place on November 18th, 2010
C. Sarah has a giant cigarette that we will use as a prop, and in previous years, we have handed out "quit packs" to smokers
D. We will also hand out dum-dums on Rabb steps and outside of Usdan with little facts about lung cancer on them
E. We will also have signs on campus like they do in the Truth campaign
1. These signs will have numbers on one side, with facts that relate to those numbers on the other side, to grab people's attention as they walk on campus
F. We may also make a chalk outline 30 feet from the major buildings on campus to show people how far they have to be from them to smoke
G. We will gather all materials and prepare them on the 17th, so please be sure to be at the meeting to help out!
H. Ideas for events for GASO: bowling down the giant cigarette, pinata, raffle tickets if you turn in your cigarettes which will be entered into a drawing for a prize, "blow bubbles don't smoke"

Our next meeting will be on November 3rd, at 9pm in SCC 313!

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