I. We will be having a meeting next week, May 4th, at 9pm.  We will be discussing information for next year and there will be food!  :)

II. Celebrating Service
    A. Next Wednesday, May 4th, before our meeting, there is a celebrating service event from 7-8:30pm
    B. This is a "thank you" event for community activists
    C. The attire is "dress to impress"

III. Wiffleball Tournament
    A. We will be holding one last Relay for Life fundraiser this coming Saturday, April 30, 2011
    B. The fundraiser is a wiffleball tournament and it will be held on Chapel's field
    C. There will be sunglasses on sale, and it's a great event for an amazing cause, so be sure to come on out and support the event and tell all of your friends to come too!

IV. Relay
    A. Brandeis Relay for Life now has a Twitter!  Be sure to check it out and follow it!

V. Elections
    A. We will be holding chair elections (survivorship, advocacy, and education) in the fall once we get back from summer break
        1. If you are interested in running, feel free to ask any of the board members any questions you have
    B. Also, we have our election results from yesterday's votes.  Please welcome your new board members:

Michelle Hack - President
Rachel Danzig - Vice President
Aysha Malik - Secretary
Rachel Levine - Treasurer

Congratulations to our new board members!  And thank you all so much for such a fantastic year!  :)

I. Relay for Life
    A. Relay was a great success!  We raised over $66, 000, and we can continue to fundraise until August, so keep getting those donations!
    B. A big thank you to everyone who helped out!

II. Lobby Day
    A. This year's Lobby Day is this coming Monday, April 4th
    B. There will not be an official delegation from Brandeis CAC attending, but you are welcome to go if you like
    C. Lobby Day will be from 11am-12pm, and if you would like more information, feel free to contact Michelle Hack at michy@brandeis.edu

III. Hope Lodge
    A. We will be visiting Hope Lodge on Wednesday, April 6th, from 6pm-9pm
    B. There will be no meeting that night
    C. We are still trying to find a Branvan driver who can take us, so if you know someone, please let one of the board members know!
    D. We have several options for activities to do at Hope Lodge, including arts and crafts (making beads or making potted plants) and baking (decorating cupcakes)
    E. If you would like to come to Hope Lodge, please email Rachel Danzig at rachyspp@brandeis.edu

IV. Idiot Cycle
    A. We finally have a date for the Idiot Cycle!
    B. We will be showing the documentary on April 13th, starting at 9pm until around 11pm, in the Mandel Center (G03)
    C. There will be fliers to advertise this event coming soon!

V. Relay Fundraiser/Melanoma Monday
    A. We want to hold one last fundraiser for Relay for Life before the end of the school year, and we decided to do it with Melanoma Monday (which is May 2nd)
    B. On April 30th, we are planning to help host a wiffle ball tournament
    C. The details of the event are still being finalized, but there will be tabling for this event in Usdan starting Thursday, April 7th until Tuesday, April 12th
    D. We hope to be tabling at the event itself with sunscreen to give out to educate people about staying safe and preventing skin cancer in the summer months
    E. More information will be coming soon, but if you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact one of the board members

VI. Elections
    A. We will be holding elections for CAC president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer during our April 27th meeting
        1. Something to note for the secretary position, your job will include maintaining the website
        2. Something to note for the treasurer position, you will have to attend a meeting in the fall of next year to discuss finances (SUMS and marathon)
    B. If you would like to run for any of these four positions, please email Sarah Cohen at setc@brandeis.edu by APRIL 18TH
    C. The elections for the chair positions (advocacy chair, education chair, and survivorship chair) will be in the fall of next year
    D. We will also be voting on Constitutional changes during the April 27th meeting
    E. You can run for one of these positions as well as a chair position on the Relay for Life Committee (just something to keep in mind)

April 6th - We will not be holding our regular meeting as we will be going to Hope Lodge instead

April 13th - We will be showing the documentary the Idiot Cycle during our regular meeting time

April 27th - We will be holding elections, so be sure to let Sarah know if you'd like to run for one of the positions by April 18th, and be sure to come to the meeting to vote!

I. The Idiot Cycle
    A. This a documentary discussing environmental pollutants and the companies that profit from it, with links to causing cancer
    B. The documentary will be shown APRIL 13TH, at 9PM in the MANDEL CENTER
    C. Since this is a Wednesday night, we will not be having our regular meeting, but rather, will be screening this film, so please come out!

II. UNO Fundraiser
    A. We will be having a fundraiser for Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity tomorrow, March 17th, at UNO's restaurant
    B. All you have to do is either go to UNOs (opens at 11am) or call in for delivery, and mention Relay for Life of Brandeis University, and 20% of your order will go to Relay!

III. Bank Night
    A. Bank Night is when Relay team captains show up to Gosman (either the atrium or the Napoli Room) and turn in all of their offline donations to date, receive their team's t-shirts, and pick their campsite for Relay
    B. Bank Night will be MARCH 21ST, from 7PM until at least 10PM
    C. We will need some volunteers to help set-up at 6:30PM and then stay and help out during the rest of the night
        1. If you are able to come out and help, please let us know, since the more people we have, the faster and more smooth it goes!

IV. Relay for Life
    A. Relay is fast approaching!  MARCH 26TH!
    B. We will need volunteers to help set-up during the afternoon before Relay
        1. If you are able to help us set-up, we will probably be starting around noon, so let us know if you can help!
    C. We will also need some volunteers for the registration period since we will have a table with information about CAC
        1. Again, if you are able to help out, let us know!  (We will especially need help from 7pm to 8pm that night)
    D. The theme for this year's Relay is Carnival, and as such, we will be having some Carnival themed games at Relay
        1. We would like some extra volunteers to help out running these booths, so if you are interested, again, let us know!
    E. At our next meeting, we will be decorating Luminaria bags and t-shirts
    F. We will also be starting Relay preparations earlier for next year
        1. This includes sending out information and applications for sub-committee positions earlier this year, as in several weeks after Relay (March 26th)
        2. If you are interested in any of the sub-committees, or in being event co-chair (the person who will take over Relay the year after next), feel free to talk to any of the current committee members to learn more

V. Elections
    A. We will be holding elections for next year's board positions on April 27th
        1. These positions include: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer
        2. Elections for chair positions will be in the fall
    B. If you are interested, feel free to talk to any of our current board members!
    C. Elections will be relatively simple, with speeches on the 27th and then a vote that same night

VI. Sweatshirts
    A. If you ordered a Relay Committee sweatshirt, they should be ready for pick-up on Monday night at Bank Night

VII. Survivor Group
    A. There will be another meeting of the survivor support group this coming Saturday at 11am
    B. If you know any survivors on campus who may be interested in attending, feel free to email Rachel Danzig at rachyspp@brandeis.edu

VIII. Mission and Advocacy
    A. Our mission and advocacy chair will attend a meeting this coming Friday to discuss the possibility of making Brandeis a smoke-free or smoking restricted campus
    B. If you have any smoking incidents that you would like to share with Michelle for her to share with the university, then please email her at michy@brandeis.edu


I. Rumba (March 5, 10pm - 2am)
    A. Tickets are pins, and they are $5
    B. Proceeds go to Relay for Life
    C. We will need 6 sober volunteers to help check pins at the door throughout the night
    D. We will also need 2 sober volunteers to be present at the whole party
    E. If you'd like to help set-up, we will need volunteers in the afternoon before the event
    F. If you can do either, please email one of the board members

II. Chabad
    A. March 4, 2011
        1. Shabbat dinner at Chabad this week is in honor of Relay for Life
        2. There is a suggested donation of $5 to attend dinner this week, and all proceeds will go to the Chabad Relay for Life team
        3. You can make the donation online at chabadbrandeis.org

III. Idiot Cycle
    A. The film, the Idiot Cycle, will be shown soon (once we get a date)

IV. Relay for Life Coffeehouse
    A. On March 14th, we will be having a coffeehouse in Chums
    B. Once we have a final list of performers, we will let you all know

V. UNO Dough Fundraiser
    A. On March 17th, we will be having an UNO fundraiser
    B. We are doing this alongside Waltham Group
    C. There will be van service provided throughout the night, but you will need to sign-up for a time slot to take the van to UNO (you do not need to wait for the van to go if you have a car or go with a friend who has a car)
    D. All you have to do is go to UNOs on the 17th and tell them that you are there for Relay for Life for Brandeis University, and 20% of your order value will go to Relay

VI. Bank Night
    A. Bank Night is the night where teams bring all of their offline donations to date to Relay Committee Members (in Gosman) as well as sign-up for a campsite location, and we in turn give each team their t-shirts
    B. We will need volunteers to help out that night so that everything runs smoothly (we will ask for volunteers at later meetings)
    C. Bank Night will probably run from either 7 or 8pm until 10pm

VII. Relay for Life
    A. Relay is March 26th-27th!
    B. We will have a table there with information about CAC
    C. We will also need volunteers the night of Relay to help table for CAC, which we will ask about at later meetings, so keep that in mind as well

Our next meeting will be March 9th at 9pm in SCC 313!
I. Advocacy
    A. Recently, there has been concern about lawmakers trying to cut the budget allotted to cancer preventative treatment
    B. We are trying to prevent this legislation from passing, and in order to do so, we urge you all to sign the petition against it
    C. Please visit www.acscan.org/cuts and let your state's legislators know that you are opposed to this budget cut (you can select your state on the website and it will get sent to them, as well as you can add a sentence or two about why they should not cut the budget)
    D. Once there, you can sign up to get a text when the legislation is voted on so that you can have the results
    E. Also, you can send the information to your family and friends so that they can sign this petition too

II. Paint the Campus Purple Week (PTCP)
    A. PTCP is the week we get back from break - Feb. 28-March 5
    B. This week is major in our advertising for Relay for Life
    C. There are various events/ideas we have for promoting Relay during this week which are listed below:
  • We will be tabling in lower Usdan from 11am-2pm
  • During tabling, we will sell purple goodies and have people sign-up for Relay
  • There will be purple ribbons on trees
  • Some people can put purple ribbons in their hair
  • There will be spray on purple hair-dye up on Rabb
  • We will have volunteers up on Rabb painting people's hands or faces with purple face paint (painting purple ribbons for Relay)
  • We will put signs up around campus
  • We may have some purple capes for people to wear
  • We may also have some purple tinsel wigs for people to wear
  • We may have purple cupcakes
  • We are going to ask CAs to put purple up on their bulletin boards
  • We are also going to ask CAs to email all of their residents about Relay
  • There will be Facebook announcements as well as a Facebook event for the week
  • We will have a Student Union announcement
  • We are going to ask LTS to put a purple background on all of the computers in the library
  • We may have a raffle throughout the week and each day you wear purple, you will check in with someone and get a ticket, and at the end of the week, we will have the raffle and give out a prize
  • Thursday, March 3, will be wear purple day
  • Friday, March 4, will be wear an old Relay t-shirt day
  • Saturday, March 5, we will be co-hosting a dance called Rumba
III. Rumba
    A. Along with several other groups on campus (including the International Club), we will be helping out with a dance on March 5, called Rumba
    B. All of the profit from the night will go to Relay
    C. We will be selling "tickets" in the form of pins to people while we table for PTCP Week
    D. The pins will cost $10
    E. It is important to note that you need a Brandeis ID to purchase a pin, the dance is for Brandeis students ONLY, and when you go to the dance, you need to have your Brandeis ID on you to get in.  Even if you have a pin, you cannot get into the dance without your Brandeis ID.

IV. The Idiot Cycle
    A. Due to the snowstorm a few weeks ago, our film screening of the Idiot Cycle has been postponed
    B. This movie is a documentary about how environmental pollutants that have been linked to causing cancer are emitted from various companies and how these companies still profit
    C. The new date for the movie is TBA, and we'll keep you all updated

V. Coffeehouse
    A. Our Relay for Life Coffeehouse will be held on March 14th in Chums
    B. If you are interested in helping out, email either Sydney Appelbaum at sydneya@brandeis.edu or Mati Segev at mati628@brandeis.edu

VI. Daffodil Days
    A. While we help out tabling at this event, it is actually run by the Waltham Group
    B. We will still be there in lower Usdan tabling tomorrow and Friday to promote Relay for Life
    C. If you are interested in tabling, feel free to email any of the board members

VII. Think Pink
    A. Thank you to everyone who helped out at Think Pink, it was a success!

Our next meeting will be March 2nd
I. The film, The Idiot Cycle
    A. Due to the snow day, we had to cancel the movie showing
    B. We are looking to have this as a future event, and are working on getting the room again
    C. Keep looking out for more information about this event!

II. Kiss Away Cancer
    A. Tabling in Lower Usdan on February 10 and 11
    B. We are selling bags filled with Hershey Kisses and Conversation Hearts for $2 a bag to raise money for CAC and the ACS
III. Daffodil Days
    A. Along with the Waltham Group, we help sell bouquets of Daffodils for the American Cancer Society
    B. You can buy the Daffodils for whomever, and they will be delivered
    C. Since Waltham Group is running this event, we have volunteered to help them out and will also be tabling for Relay
    D. We will be tabling in Lower Usdan on February 14-17 from 11am-2pm
        1. If you'd like to help out during any of the time slots, let any member of the board know!

IV. Coffeehouse
    A. Our Coffeehouse this semester is to help fundraise for Relay for Life
    B. The Coffeehouse will be March 14 in Chums from 9pm-12am
    C. If you'd like to help and get involved, let any member of the board know, or email our two Fundraising Chairs for Relay for Life who will be running the Coffehouse

V. Think Pink
    A. This is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness that we do with the Basketball team
    B. During the games on the night of February 11, the Basketball team wears pink and there is a table set up filled with pink themed paraphernalia
    C. We will be adding our "Save the Boobs" t-shirts, Valentines, and other Relay goodies to the table at the games
    D. If you can help out with this, the games will be in Gosman at 6pm and 8pm

VI. Conference Calls
    A. Conference calls are a helpful way to learn more about the American Cancer Society as well as the various programs it hosts, including Relay for Life
        1. On a call, you have an assigned topic that you discuss, and it's a great way to hear about what other schools are doing and the ideas that they have for various events since students from across the country participate in the calls
    B. You have to participate in a number of these calls throughout the year in order to receive the Leader of Hope Award, which we have been a recipient of since we began Colleges Against Cancer
    C. The calls usually last somewhere between 20 and 45 minutes, and are led by college students throughout the country
    D. The Conference call schedule for this semester is as follows:
  1. February 16th - quarterly call at 7pm and 10pm
  2. March 8th - survivorship call at 10pm
  3. March 23rd - Relay for Life call at 10pm
  4. April 13th, advocacy call at 10pm

VII. Funding
    A. After getting chartered last semester, we were eligible for funding this semester
    B. We received $2,000 from F-board this semester!
    C. Most of the money will be spent on Relay for Life and other events later in the semester (namely, we are hoping to get sunscreen packets for our event on Melanoma Monday on May 2nd)

VIII. Smoking on Campus
    A. Our advocacy chair, Michelle Hack, is currently working on getting our campus either smoke free, or reducing smoking on campus
    B. If you'd like to get involved in this petition, feel free to email Michelle at michy@brandeis.edu

Next Meeting: February 16th at 9pm in SCC 313!
I. Introductions

II. What is Colleges Against Cancer
    A. We work alongside the American Cancer Society to fight cancer as well as raise awareness for cancer research 
    B. There are four pillars to Colleges Against Cancer
        1. Education - our education chair is Amanda Dryer.  Through this pillar, we host events to educate the population about preventative measures against cancer.
            a. An event held in the past includes the Great American Smokeout
            b. An event we are planning on hosting this semester is Melanoma Monday
        2. Advocacy - our advocacy chair is Michelle Hack.  Through this pillar, we promote various petitions to promote change for cancer research. 
            a. Two events we plan on hosting this semester are one, to send a delegation to Lobby Day on April 4th, and two, we hope to try to reduce areas for smoking on campus or make the campus smoke-free
        3. Survivorship - our survivorship chair is Rachel Danzig.  Through this pillar, we reach out to cancer survivors in the community to show our support.
            a. We plan to host a survivor support group this semester where young-adult cancer survivors on campus can come together in a safe place to talk
        4. Relay for Life - this is our largest event of the year (March 26-27)
            a. March is all about Relay this semester
            b. Relay is an all night walk-a-thon where we raise money and awareness for cancer research
            c. We hold separate meetings for Relay on alternate Tuesday mornings at 8am in Gosman

III. Club Space
    A. This semester, we have a club office space on the third floor of the SCC, in Function Room D

IV. Events for the Semester
    A. Next Wednesday, February 2, from 8pm-12, we will be co-hosting a film screening alongside the Film Club
        1. We will be showing the Idiot Cycle, a movie about how some environmental pollutants may be linked to cancer
    B. February 9-11, Kiss Away Cancer
        1. We will be tabling these three days with little baggies of Hershey's Kisses and Conversation Hearts with notes attached to them that people can buy and give out to their friends
    C. February 11, Think Pink
        1. This is an activity that we do alongside with the Basketball team
        2. We have a table at the game where we sell pink themed items to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer
    D. First week of March, Paint the Campus Purple Week
        1. We use this week to promote Relay for Life
        2. Basically, we try to make the campus purple in any way we can, signs, posters, streamers, ribbons, chalk, etc.
    E. March 14, Coffeehouse
        1. Mati and Sydney, our Relay for Life Fundraising Chairs, will be running this event, but all are invited to help
    F. March 26-27, Relay for Life
        1. If you'd like to get involved, email any of the board members, or come to one of the planning committee meetings at 8am in Gosman on alternate Tuesday mornings
        2. To sign-up, visit our website at: www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity
    G. April 4, Lobby Day
        1. We hope to send a group of students to lobby in Boston for various pieces of legislation in support of cancer research
    H. April 6, Hope Lodge
        1. Hope Lodge is a suite-style home for cancer patients to stay in while they undergo cancer treatment
        2. We go over and cheer the patients up for a little while with activities like board games, music, and baking
    I. May 2, Melanoma Monday
        1. This is an education event about skin cancer awareness for the summer
        2. We hope to give out little sunscreens

V. Conference Calls
    A. Since we first began our club, we have been a National Leader of Hope
        1. This means that we participate in various conference calls throughout the semester
        2. It also means we hold an event in each strategic direction (each of the four pillars)
    B. For the conference calls, there is a national lead team of college students who run the call
    C. Students from all over the country call in to participate
    D. Each call is themed
    E. The calls are a good way to share ideas
    F. Most of the time, you are on mute, and each call usually lasts between 20 and 45 minutes
    G. We ask as many people to participate from the club as possible (you can even IM with the other people from our group while on the call)
    H. Please let us know if you are interested in signing up for a call (we will have a list at our next meeting)

Our next meeting will be February 9th, as next week we will be having the film screening, which we strongly encourage you all to attend! not be next Wednesday due to the film screening, whic
I. Introductions

II. T-Shirts
A. How can we sell more t-shirts? (Brainstorming)
1. Lower the price
2. Table again, but advertise more for it (like creating a Facebook event)
3. Create order forms
4. Ask performing groups and/or sport teams if we can sell some at their respective end of the semester shows and games

III. CAC Coffeehouse
A. Thank you Rachel Miller for organizing our successful Coffehouse!
B. Thank you to all who came out and supported the Coffeehouse!
C. We raised a lot of money and many of the performers told us that they enjoyed being there as well

IV. B-deis Records Coffeehouse
A. It was another successful Coffeehouse!
B. Thank you to everyone who attended!
C. We've raised $1000 for Relay so far!  Keep up the good work!

V. Hope Lodge
A. We will be going to Hope Lodge this coming Monday, November 15th
B. Again, Hope Lodge is a home-like place where people can stay while undergoing cancer treatment in the Boston area
C. Please let Rachel Danzig know if you plan on going or if you are signed up and cannot go by this Friday, November 12th
D. If you do plan on going, we will be meeting outside of Gosman at 5:50pm on Monday night and will leave Hope Lodge around 8:30pm
E. If you have nail polish or games that you would be willing to bring along (everything will be given back to you at the end of the night), please do so
F. As a new policy, Brandeis requires you to sign a waiver if you intend to volunteer off-campus, so be prepared to sign one on the van if you are going to Hope Lodge

VI. The Great American Smoke Out
A. GASO is the American Cancer Society's National Quit Day where the ACS encourages smokers to quit smoking and lead healthier lives
B. GASO will be held on November 18th
C. We are looking for volunteers to help hand out bubbles on Rabb Steps and outside of Usdan on the 18th, specifially between 12-1pm
1. The bubbles are so that people "blow bubbles and not smoke"
2. We may be putting little factoids about smoking and it's effects around the bubble containers
D. We also have a giant cigarette that will be seen around campus promoting GASO
E. Still, we will be putting up law signs around campus with facts about smoking on them as well
F. We also may hold a raffle where if smokers hand in a pack of cigarettes, we will give them raffle tickets and at the end of the day, pick a winner
G. At our next meeting, we hope to have flyers to promote GASO
H. Also at our next meeting, we will be preparing all of the materials for GASO, so it will be a hands-on meeting and we will need all the help we can get so please come to our next meeting!

VII. The Winters Tale
A. The Shakespeare Group's play, The Winters Tale, is this weekend and they've permitted us to have a donation bucket at the event
B. We have one volunteer per show willing to go and get donations, but if anyone else would be available to go and help out, that would be great!

VIII. Survivor Group
A. The idea of the Survivor Group is to create a safe place for the cancer survivors in the Brandeis Community to meet and talk about their experiences as a cancer patient
B. We are planning to start this group next semester, and hold monthly meetings in a relaxed place where the survivors can just talk
C. At some meetings, caregivers of cancer patients on campus will be invited to attend
D. So far, several survivors have expressed an interest in this group
E. Keep spreading the word and if you have any questions, feel free to email Rachel Danzig

IX. Relay For Life
A. Relay for Life will be taking place March 26th-27th, 2011
B. This is the American Cancer Society's main fundraiser
C. It is an all-night walkathon to help celebrate, remember, and fight back against cancer
D. This year's goals for Brandeis' Relay is to have 100 teams, 1000 participants, and to raise $100,000
E. There will be a general informational meeting on November 16th at 8am in the Napoli Room in Gosman for all those interested in becoming more active in Relay by joining a committee
F. Also at this meeting we will be making a short video of the Brandeis Relay Committees.  If you'd like to be in the video, please think of a short (30 seconds or so) answer to the question: Why do I Relay?  or What is my favorite part of Relay?

Our next meeting will be November 17th, at 9pm, in SCC 313!

I. Coffeehouse - November 4th, 9pm-12am
A. We have many performing groups coming out to support us
B. Hannah and Rachel will be the co-hosts for the evening
C. There will be a 15 minute slot to explain what CAC does, to hear a speech from a survivor, and to learn more about cancer awareness in general
D. Make sure to bring money for t-shirts and Relay goodies!
E. We will also have a raffle
F. Make sure that the event is well publicized and that the fliers are all up
G. If you volunteered to table, please be sure to be there on time

II. B-deis Records Coffeehouse with CAC as their co-host - November 5th
A. We are helping B-deis Records co-host a benefit concert at Chums on November 5th, 9pm-12am
B. We'd like to have a big presence there, so make sure to show up if you are available!

III. Hope Lodge - November 15th
A. We will be going to Hope Lodge, a place where families and cancer patients can stay while they are getting treatment, on November 15th from 6-9pm
B. Email any member of the e-board if you are interested in going
C. We hope to take a van there, so if you know a branvan driver who would be able to take us and/or get us a van, please let one of the e-board know!
D. What will we be doing there?  (These are all brainstorming ideas)
1. Playing board and card games with the residents
2. Doing an arts and crafts project
3. Manicures
4. We are planning on bringing hot cocoa and pies for the residents
5. These are all brainstormed ideas, and we will make a final decision of our activities at our next meeting, so make sure to be there!
6. If you bring something to Hope Lodge (a game or whatnot), you will get it all back at the end of the night

IV. Great American Smoke Out (GASO) - November 18th
A. GASO was created by the American Cancer Society as a sort of National Quit Day for smokers
1. Since it is national, there is a huge support system behind anyone who actually does decide to quit on that day
B. This year it will be held on November 18th
C. Last year, we gave out little quit packs with facts on them outside of Usdan and on Rabb
D. We will finalize plans for this event at our November 17th meeting, so be sure to attend!
1. Set-up for this event includes:
a. Putting up signs on campus
b. Putting in lawn signs
c. Chalking the ground outside of buildings to show how far 30 ft is from a building
d. "Blow bubbles, not smoke" (hand out bubbles)
e. Raffle - hand in a pack of cigarettes and get a ticket for a prize raffle which we will then pull at the end of the day (hoping to get a gift certificate to the Natick Mall as the prize)
f. Re-print the signs that say you need to be 30 ft from a building to smoke and put them up around campus

V. Survivorship Group
A. CAC is planning on starting a group for people who are cancer survivors on campus
B. This group will meet once a month to talk in a safe place and just make connections to others who understand what they've been through
C. There will be some meetings where caregivers on campus can also attend
D. Start spreading the word!  Fliers will soon be available

VI. Tabling on Friday, November 5th
A. The schedule for tabling for selling our t-shirts was sent out, so please be sure to check it over and know when you are scheduled to be there if you volunteered

VII. Relay for Life - March 26th-27th!
A. Relay and CAC have officially merged (Relay is now officially under CAC)
B. You can sign up now at www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity
C. There is a CAC team under Jessica Gokhberg
D. There is also a Relay Committee team under Rebecca Drowos
E. Committee meetings for Relay will usually be held on alternate Tuesday mornings at 8am in the Napoli Room in Gosman
F. We may also hold some Relay meetings on alternate Wednesday nights (CAC one week, Relay the next, etc.)
G. The first committee meeting is November 16th at 8am in Gosman in the Napoli Room
H. Our goal this year is to have 100 teams and raise $100,000
I. There are template emails on the Relay website for fundraising
J. Sign up and get started fundraising for Relay asap!

Our next meeting will be November 10th at 9pm in SCC 313!

I. Relay for Life
A. We finally have our date for Relay!  Mark down March 26-27, 2011 on your calendars! 
B. CAC and Relay have now officially merged
C. The first Relay for Life Committee Meeting is November 16th, 2010 at 8am in the Napoli Room in Gosman
D. Be sure to visit the Relay website and sign-up a team now!  www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity

II. Award Presentation
A. Michelle and Hannah went to a Relay For Life Summit Event
1. At the event, they were presented with an award for our school
2. We were given the Leader of Hope Award
a. In order to get this award, we need to participate in Conference Calls throughout the course of a school year
b. The Conference Calls are a chance to hear information on various subjects, as led by the American Cancer Society and with numerous schools involved and ready to share ideas
B. We do want to uphold this award, and will be holding various Conference Calls throughout this year as well, which we will give you more information on in the coming meetings

III. T-Shirts
A. Our t-shirts which say, Save The Boobs, have finally arrived!
B. We will be selling some when we table on November 1st and November 5th in Lower Usdan, from 11am-2pm
C. They are $15 each
D. We will also be selling some at our Coffeehouse

IV. Coffeehouse
A. Our Coffeehouse is November 4th
B. The line-up is complete!
C. We will have prizes to give out throughout the night with a raffle, and during our trivia portion of the evening
D. We will also have Relay for Life paraphernalia as prizes and to sell as well
E. Still, we will try to have baked goods for sale
1. If you would like to donate a baked good, or make some boob cookies, we'd really appreciate it
E. Since we will be selling goods during the event, we will be having people table on a rotating schedule
F. We will also need to start advertising for the event, so please make sure to put up your fliers and tell all of your friends!

V. Brandeis Records Concert with CAC
A. Brandeis Records is a music group on campus that holds benefit concerts
B. On November 5th, we will work alongside this group and split the donations from the event between our two groups
C. The concert is from 9pm-12am
D. This will be our first official Relay for Life fundraiser!

VI. Hope Lodge
A. We will be visiting Hope Lodge on November 15th, from 6:30-9pm
B. Various activities that we brainstormed for the event are: manicures for the girls, various board games (Apples to Apples, Banana Grams, Catch Phrase), cards, an arts and crafts project (perhaps making bracelets with beads or a winter themed craft)

VII. Great American Smoke Out
A. This is an event that the American Cancer Society created to help smokers around the country make the resolution to quit smoking.  Since it is an event that takes place in various states all over, it shows smokers that they have support and people who care that they quit.
B. GASO will take place on November 18th, 2010
C. Sarah has a giant cigarette that we will use as a prop, and in previous years, we have handed out "quit packs" to smokers
D. We will also hand out dum-dums on Rabb steps and outside of Usdan with little facts about lung cancer on them
E. We will also have signs on campus like they do in the Truth campaign
1. These signs will have numbers on one side, with facts that relate to those numbers on the other side, to grab people's attention as they walk on campus
F. We may also make a chalk outline 30 feet from the major buildings on campus to show people how far they have to be from them to smoke
G. We will gather all materials and prepare them on the 17th, so please be sure to be at the meeting to help out!
H. Ideas for events for GASO: bowling down the giant cigarette, pinata, raffle tickets if you turn in your cigarettes which will be entered into a drawing for a prize, "blow bubbles don't smoke"

Our next meeting will be on November 3rd, at 9pm in SCC 313!