5. tI. Welcomes!
A. Gia Coratti McCormack is our new ACS staff partner
1. Her main focus is Relay for Life, but she will be available for help throughout the year as well

II. Chartered
A. We are now a chartered club!
B. In the future, we get money from the F-board to help us with various projects
C. We do not get money for buying clothing or food as a club
D. We also do not get money directly from the F-board that can go to a donation, it's there to help fund events we hold
E. Since we are now chartered, it's important to note that hazing is prohibited as stated under Massachusetts state law

III. Making Strides
A. The Boston area and those groups that participated in the Boston Making Strides walk raised around $3 million
B. We raised just under $600 as a club participating
C. 12 people participated from Brandeis
D. Pictures from the event will be posted on the website

IV. Paint the Campus Pink Week (PTCPW)
A. PTCPW will be held the week of October 18th-22nd
B. We are looking for volunteers to chair, as well as committees, for some of our Pink Week events
1. If you are interested, please contact one of the E-board members or CAC Chairs, or let us know at our next meeting
C. October 18th - Monday Night
1. We will be having a screening of the film, STEPMOM in the SCC Atrium at 8pm
2. There will be a discussion following the movie
3. We will be selling t-shirts as well as Relay paraphernalia during the screening
D. October 20th - Wednesday during the day
1. We will be holding our advocacy event during the day
2. We are hoping to get bras donated and tape petitions that people will sign on some, and stories on others
3. Afterward, we will send the bras to the Senate to help promote the petition
4. The petition this year will likely be focused on providing more mammograms at a cheaper cost so that more women can access this life-saving procedure
5. If we cannot get bras donated, then we will just have a petition for people to sign
6. This event will need people to table in Lower Usdan during the day and we will have a sign-up chart going around during the next meeting
E. October 21st - Thursday Night
1. This will likely be a predominantly ladies' night event in Ridgewood Commons from 8pm - 11pm
2. A nurse practitioner from the Health Center will come to show the proper way to perform a self-mammography
3. In addition, a lingerie store owner will come and will help show how to properly fit bras, as well as bring some lingerie for us to purchase
4. We also hope to have a breast cancer survivor come and speak about her experience
5. There will also be pink goodies there
F. During the week, we will hand out pink ribbons and put up pink fliers (from Gia) and door hangers with information on them
1. The ribbons may take place on Rabb or in Usdan, and then the fliers and door hangers will be put up in certain dorms
2. Either way, we will again need volunteers
3. Also, if anyone has pink ribbon and the'd like to donate it to this cause, that would be great
4. Again, we will also be selling t-shirts throughout the week
G. T-shirts
1. The shirts say "Save the Boobs" in pink writing on a white shirt with Colleges Against Cancer written under the phrase, and will cost $15
2. There is also a website called cafepress where this logo has been put on various items, from teddy bears to mugs to hats to underwear, and 10% of every sale of the items with this phrase on it go to CAC, so make sure to check that site out!
3. We are also in the process of creating a CAC t-shirt, so keep an eye out for that
i. Sarah Koenig will be in charge of the CAC shirts, so if you'd like to be involved in that process, you can get in touch with her

V. Coffeehouse
A. Our Coffeehouse is November 4th from 9pm to 12am
1. Rachel Miller has volunteered to spearhead this event, so if you'd like to help out, please contact her at rach6790@brandeis.edu or Sarah at setc@brandeis.edu
2. We will need some people to help advertise this event, so again, if you'd like to help, contact one of the two ladeis above
3. We will ask for donations at the door

VI. Hope Lodge
A. Hope Lodge is a place where cancer patients can stay for free while they undergo their treatments
B. Our first visit will be on November 15th
C. We are hoping to do various things there, including having a Brandeis student who plays saxophone come and play for the patients
D. If you are interested in this event, contact Rachel Danzig

VII. Conference Calls
A. These are calls where a national leader of CAC will lead a conference call with members of CACs from all over who call in and share information on their chapter of CAC as well as share ideas as to how to promote the CAC events
B. Most of the call you are on hold, and you listen
C. Each call is around 30 minutes
D. At the next meeting we will pass out a sign-up sheet for the calls
E. We would like to maintain our tradition of being a Leader of Hope which involves participating in 5 different calls over the course of the year

VIII. Survivor Support Group
A. We are hoping to form a survivor support group by the spring semester
B. This will be a group that meets once a month, perhaps the first Sunday of each month, to discuss their experiences in a group of peers
C. If you know a survivor who may want to be involved, let us know

IX. Relay
A. We will hopefully have the date for Relay by our next meeting
B. Meeting for Relay will alternate with meetings for CAC, in the same room at the same time
C. Sarah will send out information on chair positions which you will need to apply for
1. Since Relay is such a large undertaking, we are looking for experienced people to be committee chairs, which usually means that you have participated in a Relay committee before, either here or in another, outside Relay
2. However, many chairs will be co-chaired, and there will be committees under each chair, so if you are interested in participating, but worry about being a chair, these options are great to help learn more about the Relay process and still be involved
D. The Relay website is up and running, and we already have some teams!  Visit it at: www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity
E. Jessica Gokhberg is CAC team captain, so if you'd like to join the CAC team or would like more information about it, contact her
F. Also, WBRS may want to help out this year and DJ

Our next meeting will be on October 13th at 9pm in SCC 313!

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