I. The film, The Idiot Cycle
    A. Due to the snow day, we had to cancel the movie showing
    B. We are looking to have this as a future event, and are working on getting the room again
    C. Keep looking out for more information about this event!

II. Kiss Away Cancer
    A. Tabling in Lower Usdan on February 10 and 11
    B. We are selling bags filled with Hershey Kisses and Conversation Hearts for $2 a bag to raise money for CAC and the ACS
III. Daffodil Days
    A. Along with the Waltham Group, we help sell bouquets of Daffodils for the American Cancer Society
    B. You can buy the Daffodils for whomever, and they will be delivered
    C. Since Waltham Group is running this event, we have volunteered to help them out and will also be tabling for Relay
    D. We will be tabling in Lower Usdan on February 14-17 from 11am-2pm
        1. If you'd like to help out during any of the time slots, let any member of the board know!

IV. Coffeehouse
    A. Our Coffeehouse this semester is to help fundraise for Relay for Life
    B. The Coffeehouse will be March 14 in Chums from 9pm-12am
    C. If you'd like to help and get involved, let any member of the board know, or email our two Fundraising Chairs for Relay for Life who will be running the Coffehouse

V. Think Pink
    A. This is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness that we do with the Basketball team
    B. During the games on the night of February 11, the Basketball team wears pink and there is a table set up filled with pink themed paraphernalia
    C. We will be adding our "Save the Boobs" t-shirts, Valentines, and other Relay goodies to the table at the games
    D. If you can help out with this, the games will be in Gosman at 6pm and 8pm

VI. Conference Calls
    A. Conference calls are a helpful way to learn more about the American Cancer Society as well as the various programs it hosts, including Relay for Life
        1. On a call, you have an assigned topic that you discuss, and it's a great way to hear about what other schools are doing and the ideas that they have for various events since students from across the country participate in the calls
    B. You have to participate in a number of these calls throughout the year in order to receive the Leader of Hope Award, which we have been a recipient of since we began Colleges Against Cancer
    C. The calls usually last somewhere between 20 and 45 minutes, and are led by college students throughout the country
    D. The Conference call schedule for this semester is as follows:
  1. February 16th - quarterly call at 7pm and 10pm
  2. March 8th - survivorship call at 10pm
  3. March 23rd - Relay for Life call at 10pm
  4. April 13th, advocacy call at 10pm

VII. Funding
    A. After getting chartered last semester, we were eligible for funding this semester
    B. We received $2,000 from F-board this semester!
    C. Most of the money will be spent on Relay for Life and other events later in the semester (namely, we are hoping to get sunscreen packets for our event on Melanoma Monday on May 2nd)

VIII. Smoking on Campus
    A. Our advocacy chair, Michelle Hack, is currently working on getting our campus either smoke free, or reducing smoking on campus
    B. If you'd like to get involved in this petition, feel free to email Michelle at michy@brandeis.edu

Next Meeting: February 16th at 9pm in SCC 313!

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