I. Coffeehouse - November 4th, 9pm-12am
A. We have many performing groups coming out to support us
B. Hannah and Rachel will be the co-hosts for the evening
C. There will be a 15 minute slot to explain what CAC does, to hear a speech from a survivor, and to learn more about cancer awareness in general
D. Make sure to bring money for t-shirts and Relay goodies!
E. We will also have a raffle
F. Make sure that the event is well publicized and that the fliers are all up
G. If you volunteered to table, please be sure to be there on time

II. B-deis Records Coffeehouse with CAC as their co-host - November 5th
A. We are helping B-deis Records co-host a benefit concert at Chums on November 5th, 9pm-12am
B. We'd like to have a big presence there, so make sure to show up if you are available!

III. Hope Lodge - November 15th
A. We will be going to Hope Lodge, a place where families and cancer patients can stay while they are getting treatment, on November 15th from 6-9pm
B. Email any member of the e-board if you are interested in going
C. We hope to take a van there, so if you know a branvan driver who would be able to take us and/or get us a van, please let one of the e-board know!
D. What will we be doing there?  (These are all brainstorming ideas)
1. Playing board and card games with the residents
2. Doing an arts and crafts project
3. Manicures
4. We are planning on bringing hot cocoa and pies for the residents
5. These are all brainstormed ideas, and we will make a final decision of our activities at our next meeting, so make sure to be there!
6. If you bring something to Hope Lodge (a game or whatnot), you will get it all back at the end of the night

IV. Great American Smoke Out (GASO) - November 18th
A. GASO was created by the American Cancer Society as a sort of National Quit Day for smokers
1. Since it is national, there is a huge support system behind anyone who actually does decide to quit on that day
B. This year it will be held on November 18th
C. Last year, we gave out little quit packs with facts on them outside of Usdan and on Rabb
D. We will finalize plans for this event at our November 17th meeting, so be sure to attend!
1. Set-up for this event includes:
a. Putting up signs on campus
b. Putting in lawn signs
c. Chalking the ground outside of buildings to show how far 30 ft is from a building
d. "Blow bubbles, not smoke" (hand out bubbles)
e. Raffle - hand in a pack of cigarettes and get a ticket for a prize raffle which we will then pull at the end of the day (hoping to get a gift certificate to the Natick Mall as the prize)
f. Re-print the signs that say you need to be 30 ft from a building to smoke and put them up around campus

V. Survivorship Group
A. CAC is planning on starting a group for people who are cancer survivors on campus
B. This group will meet once a month to talk in a safe place and just make connections to others who understand what they've been through
C. There will be some meetings where caregivers on campus can also attend
D. Start spreading the word!  Fliers will soon be available

VI. Tabling on Friday, November 5th
A. The schedule for tabling for selling our t-shirts was sent out, so please be sure to check it over and know when you are scheduled to be there if you volunteered

VII. Relay for Life - March 26th-27th!
A. Relay and CAC have officially merged (Relay is now officially under CAC)
B. You can sign up now at www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity
C. There is a CAC team under Jessica Gokhberg
D. There is also a Relay Committee team under Rebecca Drowos
E. Committee meetings for Relay will usually be held on alternate Tuesday mornings at 8am in the Napoli Room in Gosman
F. We may also hold some Relay meetings on alternate Wednesday nights (CAC one week, Relay the next, etc.)
G. The first committee meeting is November 16th at 8am in Gosman in the Napoli Room
H. Our goal this year is to have 100 teams and raise $100,000
I. There are template emails on the Relay website for fundraising
J. Sign up and get started fundraising for Relay asap!

Our next meeting will be November 10th at 9pm in SCC 313!

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