I. Introductions

II. T-Shirts
A. How can we sell more t-shirts? (Brainstorming)
1. Lower the price
2. Table again, but advertise more for it (like creating a Facebook event)
3. Create order forms
4. Ask performing groups and/or sport teams if we can sell some at their respective end of the semester shows and games

III. CAC Coffeehouse
A. Thank you Rachel Miller for organizing our successful Coffehouse!
B. Thank you to all who came out and supported the Coffeehouse!
C. We raised a lot of money and many of the performers told us that they enjoyed being there as well

IV. B-deis Records Coffeehouse
A. It was another successful Coffeehouse!
B. Thank you to everyone who attended!
C. We've raised $1000 for Relay so far!  Keep up the good work!

V. Hope Lodge
A. We will be going to Hope Lodge this coming Monday, November 15th
B. Again, Hope Lodge is a home-like place where people can stay while undergoing cancer treatment in the Boston area
C. Please let Rachel Danzig know if you plan on going or if you are signed up and cannot go by this Friday, November 12th
D. If you do plan on going, we will be meeting outside of Gosman at 5:50pm on Monday night and will leave Hope Lodge around 8:30pm
E. If you have nail polish or games that you would be willing to bring along (everything will be given back to you at the end of the night), please do so
F. As a new policy, Brandeis requires you to sign a waiver if you intend to volunteer off-campus, so be prepared to sign one on the van if you are going to Hope Lodge

VI. The Great American Smoke Out
A. GASO is the American Cancer Society's National Quit Day where the ACS encourages smokers to quit smoking and lead healthier lives
B. GASO will be held on November 18th
C. We are looking for volunteers to help hand out bubbles on Rabb Steps and outside of Usdan on the 18th, specifially between 12-1pm
1. The bubbles are so that people "blow bubbles and not smoke"
2. We may be putting little factoids about smoking and it's effects around the bubble containers
D. We also have a giant cigarette that will be seen around campus promoting GASO
E. Still, we will be putting up law signs around campus with facts about smoking on them as well
F. We also may hold a raffle where if smokers hand in a pack of cigarettes, we will give them raffle tickets and at the end of the day, pick a winner
G. At our next meeting, we hope to have flyers to promote GASO
H. Also at our next meeting, we will be preparing all of the materials for GASO, so it will be a hands-on meeting and we will need all the help we can get so please come to our next meeting!

VII. The Winters Tale
A. The Shakespeare Group's play, The Winters Tale, is this weekend and they've permitted us to have a donation bucket at the event
B. We have one volunteer per show willing to go and get donations, but if anyone else would be available to go and help out, that would be great!

VIII. Survivor Group
A. The idea of the Survivor Group is to create a safe place for the cancer survivors in the Brandeis Community to meet and talk about their experiences as a cancer patient
B. We are planning to start this group next semester, and hold monthly meetings in a relaxed place where the survivors can just talk
C. At some meetings, caregivers of cancer patients on campus will be invited to attend
D. So far, several survivors have expressed an interest in this group
E. Keep spreading the word and if you have any questions, feel free to email Rachel Danzig

IX. Relay For Life
A. Relay for Life will be taking place March 26th-27th, 2011
B. This is the American Cancer Society's main fundraiser
C. It is an all-night walkathon to help celebrate, remember, and fight back against cancer
D. This year's goals for Brandeis' Relay is to have 100 teams, 1000 participants, and to raise $100,000
E. There will be a general informational meeting on November 16th at 8am in the Napoli Room in Gosman for all those interested in becoming more active in Relay by joining a committee
F. Also at this meeting we will be making a short video of the Brandeis Relay Committees.  If you'd like to be in the video, please think of a short (30 seconds or so) answer to the question: Why do I Relay?  or What is my favorite part of Relay?

Our next meeting will be November 17th, at 9pm, in SCC 313!

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