I. Rumba (March 5, 10pm - 2am)
    A. Tickets are pins, and they are $5
    B. Proceeds go to Relay for Life
    C. We will need 6 sober volunteers to help check pins at the door throughout the night
    D. We will also need 2 sober volunteers to be present at the whole party
    E. If you'd like to help set-up, we will need volunteers in the afternoon before the event
    F. If you can do either, please email one of the board members

II. Chabad
    A. March 4, 2011
        1. Shabbat dinner at Chabad this week is in honor of Relay for Life
        2. There is a suggested donation of $5 to attend dinner this week, and all proceeds will go to the Chabad Relay for Life team
        3. You can make the donation online at chabadbrandeis.org

III. Idiot Cycle
    A. The film, the Idiot Cycle, will be shown soon (once we get a date)

IV. Relay for Life Coffeehouse
    A. On March 14th, we will be having a coffeehouse in Chums
    B. Once we have a final list of performers, we will let you all know

V. UNO Dough Fundraiser
    A. On March 17th, we will be having an UNO fundraiser
    B. We are doing this alongside Waltham Group
    C. There will be van service provided throughout the night, but you will need to sign-up for a time slot to take the van to UNO (you do not need to wait for the van to go if you have a car or go with a friend who has a car)
    D. All you have to do is go to UNOs on the 17th and tell them that you are there for Relay for Life for Brandeis University, and 20% of your order value will go to Relay

VI. Bank Night
    A. Bank Night is the night where teams bring all of their offline donations to date to Relay Committee Members (in Gosman) as well as sign-up for a campsite location, and we in turn give each team their t-shirts
    B. We will need volunteers to help out that night so that everything runs smoothly (we will ask for volunteers at later meetings)
    C. Bank Night will probably run from either 7 or 8pm until 10pm

VII. Relay for Life
    A. Relay is March 26th-27th!
    B. We will have a table there with information about CAC
    C. We will also need volunteers the night of Relay to help table for CAC, which we will ask about at later meetings, so keep that in mind as well

Our next meeting will be March 9th at 9pm in SCC 313!

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