I. The Idiot Cycle
    A. This a documentary discussing environmental pollutants and the companies that profit from it, with links to causing cancer
    B. The documentary will be shown APRIL 13TH, at 9PM in the MANDEL CENTER
    C. Since this is a Wednesday night, we will not be having our regular meeting, but rather, will be screening this film, so please come out!

II. UNO Fundraiser
    A. We will be having a fundraiser for Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity tomorrow, March 17th, at UNO's restaurant
    B. All you have to do is either go to UNOs (opens at 11am) or call in for delivery, and mention Relay for Life of Brandeis University, and 20% of your order will go to Relay!

III. Bank Night
    A. Bank Night is when Relay team captains show up to Gosman (either the atrium or the Napoli Room) and turn in all of their offline donations to date, receive their team's t-shirts, and pick their campsite for Relay
    B. Bank Night will be MARCH 21ST, from 7PM until at least 10PM
    C. We will need some volunteers to help set-up at 6:30PM and then stay and help out during the rest of the night
        1. If you are able to come out and help, please let us know, since the more people we have, the faster and more smooth it goes!

IV. Relay for Life
    A. Relay is fast approaching!  MARCH 26TH!
    B. We will need volunteers to help set-up during the afternoon before Relay
        1. If you are able to help us set-up, we will probably be starting around noon, so let us know if you can help!
    C. We will also need some volunteers for the registration period since we will have a table with information about CAC
        1. Again, if you are able to help out, let us know!  (We will especially need help from 7pm to 8pm that night)
    D. The theme for this year's Relay is Carnival, and as such, we will be having some Carnival themed games at Relay
        1. We would like some extra volunteers to help out running these booths, so if you are interested, again, let us know!
    E. At our next meeting, we will be decorating Luminaria bags and t-shirts
    F. We will also be starting Relay preparations earlier for next year
        1. This includes sending out information and applications for sub-committee positions earlier this year, as in several weeks after Relay (March 26th)
        2. If you are interested in any of the sub-committees, or in being event co-chair (the person who will take over Relay the year after next), feel free to talk to any of the current committee members to learn more

V. Elections
    A. We will be holding elections for next year's board positions on April 27th
        1. These positions include: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer
        2. Elections for chair positions will be in the fall
    B. If you are interested, feel free to talk to any of our current board members!
    C. Elections will be relatively simple, with speeches on the 27th and then a vote that same night

VI. Sweatshirts
    A. If you ordered a Relay Committee sweatshirt, they should be ready for pick-up on Monday night at Bank Night

VII. Survivor Group
    A. There will be another meeting of the survivor support group this coming Saturday at 11am
    B. If you know any survivors on campus who may be interested in attending, feel free to email Rachel Danzig at rachyspp@brandeis.edu

VIII. Mission and Advocacy
    A. Our mission and advocacy chair will attend a meeting this coming Friday to discuss the possibility of making Brandeis a smoke-free or smoking restricted campus
    B. If you have any smoking incidents that you would like to share with Michelle for her to share with the university, then please email her at michy@brandeis.edu


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