I. Introductions

II. What is Colleges Against Cancer
    A. We work alongside the American Cancer Society to fight cancer as well as raise awareness for cancer research 
    B. There are four pillars to Colleges Against Cancer
        1. Education - our education chair is Amanda Dryer.  Through this pillar, we host events to educate the population about preventative measures against cancer.
            a. An event held in the past includes the Great American Smokeout
            b. An event we are planning on hosting this semester is Melanoma Monday
        2. Advocacy - our advocacy chair is Michelle Hack.  Through this pillar, we promote various petitions to promote change for cancer research. 
            a. Two events we plan on hosting this semester are one, to send a delegation to Lobby Day on April 4th, and two, we hope to try to reduce areas for smoking on campus or make the campus smoke-free
        3. Survivorship - our survivorship chair is Rachel Danzig.  Through this pillar, we reach out to cancer survivors in the community to show our support.
            a. We plan to host a survivor support group this semester where young-adult cancer survivors on campus can come together in a safe place to talk
        4. Relay for Life - this is our largest event of the year (March 26-27)
            a. March is all about Relay this semester
            b. Relay is an all night walk-a-thon where we raise money and awareness for cancer research
            c. We hold separate meetings for Relay on alternate Tuesday mornings at 8am in Gosman

III. Club Space
    A. This semester, we have a club office space on the third floor of the SCC, in Function Room D

IV. Events for the Semester
    A. Next Wednesday, February 2, from 8pm-12, we will be co-hosting a film screening alongside the Film Club
        1. We will be showing the Idiot Cycle, a movie about how some environmental pollutants may be linked to cancer
    B. February 9-11, Kiss Away Cancer
        1. We will be tabling these three days with little baggies of Hershey's Kisses and Conversation Hearts with notes attached to them that people can buy and give out to their friends
    C. February 11, Think Pink
        1. This is an activity that we do alongside with the Basketball team
        2. We have a table at the game where we sell pink themed items to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer
    D. First week of March, Paint the Campus Purple Week
        1. We use this week to promote Relay for Life
        2. Basically, we try to make the campus purple in any way we can, signs, posters, streamers, ribbons, chalk, etc.
    E. March 14, Coffeehouse
        1. Mati and Sydney, our Relay for Life Fundraising Chairs, will be running this event, but all are invited to help
    F. March 26-27, Relay for Life
        1. If you'd like to get involved, email any of the board members, or come to one of the planning committee meetings at 8am in Gosman on alternate Tuesday mornings
        2. To sign-up, visit our website at: www.relayforlife.org/brandeisuniversity
    G. April 4, Lobby Day
        1. We hope to send a group of students to lobby in Boston for various pieces of legislation in support of cancer research
    H. April 6, Hope Lodge
        1. Hope Lodge is a suite-style home for cancer patients to stay in while they undergo cancer treatment
        2. We go over and cheer the patients up for a little while with activities like board games, music, and baking
    I. May 2, Melanoma Monday
        1. This is an education event about skin cancer awareness for the summer
        2. We hope to give out little sunscreens

V. Conference Calls
    A. Since we first began our club, we have been a National Leader of Hope
        1. This means that we participate in various conference calls throughout the semester
        2. It also means we hold an event in each strategic direction (each of the four pillars)
    B. For the conference calls, there is a national lead team of college students who run the call
    C. Students from all over the country call in to participate
    D. Each call is themed
    E. The calls are a good way to share ideas
    F. Most of the time, you are on mute, and each call usually lasts between 20 and 45 minutes
    G. We ask as many people to participate from the club as possible (you can even IM with the other people from our group while on the call)
    H. Please let us know if you are interested in signing up for a call (we will have a list at our next meeting)

Our next meeting will be February 9th, as next week we will be having the film screening, which we strongly encourage you all to attend! not be next Wednesday due to the film screening, whic

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