I. We will be having a meeting next week, May 4th, at 9pm.  We will be discussing information for next year and there will be food!  :)

II. Celebrating Service
    A. Next Wednesday, May 4th, before our meeting, there is a celebrating service event from 7-8:30pm
    B. This is a "thank you" event for community activists
    C. The attire is "dress to impress"

III. Wiffleball Tournament
    A. We will be holding one last Relay for Life fundraiser this coming Saturday, April 30, 2011
    B. The fundraiser is a wiffleball tournament and it will be held on Chapel's field
    C. There will be sunglasses on sale, and it's a great event for an amazing cause, so be sure to come on out and support the event and tell all of your friends to come too!

IV. Relay
    A. Brandeis Relay for Life now has a Twitter!  Be sure to check it out and follow it!

V. Elections
    A. We will be holding chair elections (survivorship, advocacy, and education) in the fall once we get back from summer break
        1. If you are interested in running, feel free to ask any of the board members any questions you have
    B. Also, we have our election results from yesterday's votes.  Please welcome your new board members:

Michelle Hack - President
Rachel Danzig - Vice President
Aysha Malik - Secretary
Rachel Levine - Treasurer

Congratulations to our new board members!  And thank you all so much for such a fantastic year!  :)

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